7 Benefits of the Duvet to the Human Body

1. Good thermal insulation

Each feather silk is made up of thousands of tiny scales stacked together. Each scale is hollow and contains a lot of still air; it can absorb the heat of the human body, isolate the intrusion of cold air from the outside, and achieve the effect of keeping warm. So cover with a high-quality duvet and no longer have to worry about catching a cold at night. Choose Amain, one of the top hotel duvet suppliers in China.

2. Good temperature regulation

Down is a three-dimensional spherical fiber, which is filled with a large amount of still air, so it can shrink and expand with the change of temperature, resulting in the function of temperature regulation. Duvet cover sets wholesale can be used at temperatures between 25°C and minus 40°C. Therefore, whether it is spring, summer, autumn and winter, duvets can be covered.

3. Moisture absorption and dehumidification

Down has a large surface area, and it quickly dissipates after absorbing moisture. Down has grease and moisture-wicking properties; therefore, it absorbs moisture quickly. Can reduce the incidence of rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, eczema and other diseases. Thus, we can prepare quality duvet covers for our parents this winter.

4. Good fluffy

Linear fiber quilts such as chemical fibers have poor compressive resistance after 1 to 2 years of use, and are easy to harden, reduce bulkiness, and shorten the size, etc., resulting in a decrease in warmth retention, moisture absorption and moisture removal; down will never be hardened, long-lasting as new, and thermal insulation performance. It is more than five times that of other ordinary quilts, and the price is higher.

5. No pressure

The cotton winter quilt is about 7.5kg, and the 5kg quilt obviously feels oppressive; it affects the heart, lungs and blood pressure. Natural duvets are suitable for children, pregnant women, the elderly, those with poor sleep or high blood pressure. After getting used to the duvet, you will never want to sleep with other materials.

6. Good fit

The duvet is lightweight, soft, comfortable and has a good fit that makes the body feel warmer and more comfortable. The duvet is sewn into individual squares, not traditional wadding, so it has the best fit. We can feel that the body and the quilt are integrated, and the quality of life is greatly improved!

7. Durable and economical

Many people only know that duvets are expensive, but they don't know that duvets are durable. The high-count and high-density high-quality duvet fabric has a durability of 30 years, while the down can be used for a longer life and can be passed down for three generations in Europe. Maybe you only saw the high price of the duvet, but did not expect the value to be higher!

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