Amain Can Make Multi-functional Custom Duvet

Those who enjoy life now will choose custom high end duvet covers, but people who don't understand the benefits of feather duvet cover always feel that they can spend the winter by buying it online. In fact, in addition to keeping warm, feather duvet cover also has other wonderful functions. Let me share with you the functions of it.

1. The performance of the feather duvet cover is excellent

The feather duvet cover has high warmth retention, strong elasticity, high bulkiness, and the characteristics of lightness, softness and softness. Tested on down feather with a down content of 50%, its lightness and bulkiness is equivalent to 2.8 times that of cotton and 2.2 times that of wool. The weight of the natural  feather duvet cover of the same size is the lightest, about 1/3 of the quilt and 1/2 of the wool silk quilt, so feather duvet cover is not only soft and warm, but also feels good on the skin. Amain's custom duvet is filled with feather down with 95% down content, making the custom duvet lighter, more bulky and warmer.

2. The feather duvet cover is breathable and dry with strong moisture-removing properties, and not compacted

It has the good performance of moisture absorption and dispersion, so it is called "breathing quilt". There is no doubt about the warmth retention of the feather duvet cover. Because feather duvet cover itself is a triangular skeleton structure, the air storage capacity is relatively large, and the temperature insulation is good. It can maintain the temperature of the human body in the quilt and is not easily affected by the indoor temperature. This represents general feather duvet cover can be used in the room, and it is not necessary to use it at a very low temperature and can be used in the three seasons of spring, autumn and winter.

3. The feather duvet cover is durable

And it also plays a certain role in beauty. The feather duvet cover is not compacted or deformed and is very durable. Moreover, it can stabilize the central nervous system and quickly enter the sweet dream, so it also has a certain effect on beauty. "Natural feather duvet cover produces beauty" is also the reason.

4. Feather duvet cover is suitable for people with high blood pressure

People with high blood pressure should not cover too much quilt when sleeping, otherwise their blood pressure will be affected. The duvet feature is light and soft, without pressure. Whether you buy the feather duvet cover for yourself, or for your parents, choosing high quality one is the best choice. The duvet customized by Amain does not burrow or run down and ensures you sleep silently and fast, which is worth buying.

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