Classification and Characteristics of Hotel Bedding

Hotel bedding has a unified industry standard in terms of product and quality. The hotel room types are generally standard room, single room, double room, and suite, and some will have several more room types according to the hotel star. Many hotels do not know how to correspond the selection of hotel bedding to the room type, so the industry adopts the standard of the same type of hotel bedding. The same type cannot show the hotel's room level, which is a flaw of humanized software products and services for hotels. Let's take a look at the product classification and characteristics of hotel bedding.

1. Classification and characteristics of hotel bedding

Hotel bedding is mainly divided into four categories: four-piece bed set, pillow core, quilt core, protective pad, bed cushion, cushion core, bed drapery, and bed skirt, which is used to give customers a safe and high-quality sleep experience. The four-piece bed set is the product for direct personal use by customers, and its main feature is healthy pure cotton. Cotton core products such as pillow cores and quilt cores have diversified characteristics in terms of material development, and their functions are also different. The main similarity is comfort. Such products are mainly selected according to the hotel's star rating and input cost. Bed foot mats, bed drapery, bed skirts, and cushion covers are collectively referred to as decorative items and are used for decoration. This choice is based on the main color of the hotel room.

2. How to prevent hotel bedding from getting wet

Hotel bedding directly affects the guest's experience of the hotel. Hotel bedding affects the guest's sleep and use. If the bedding is wet, it will give the guest a soft, thick, and moist feeling. If the situation is serious, it will also bring physical discomfort to guests and a threat to the service life of hotel bedding. So what can be done to prevent hotel bedding from getting wet?

(1) Keep the hotel room dry. In the room, you can use limestone, charcoal or moisture absorption box, dehumidification bag to absorb moisture, pack them in small cloth bags and put them in every corner of the room to keep the air dry, use them for some time, and then replace them with new dry materials. Especially in rainy weather, it is necessary to dry the room well. To make the guest room ventilated, the time must be accurately grasped. Noon is the best time to open the windows for ventilation.

(2) Regularly dry hotel bedding. After the bedding has been used continuously for a while, it is necessary to place it in the sun. Or you can put it in a ventilated place to dry according to the characteristics of the bedding fabric and filling. After the rainy season, pay attention to the humidity of the bedding. Drying in the sun can sterilize and dry the bedding and make the bedding soft and fluffy.

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