Factors Affecting the Washing Effect of Hotel Linen

At present, the cleaning of hotel linen is usually completed by the hotel or the hotel laundry room or social laundry room. If we do not pay attention to the way of washing in the cleaning process, it will directly affect the effect of washing, thus reducing the quality of hotel linen, which will be difficult to satisfy customers. Therefore, we need to understand the factors affecting hotel linen washing, so as to carry out a more reasonable washing. The following focuses on several major factors affecting hotel linen washing.

Ⅰ. The impact of washing temperature and time of hotel linen

Different linen has different requirements for washing temperature. Sometimes the high temperature is favorable for washing, such as chlorine bleaching, oxygen bleaching and so on to play the best effect at 70°C-80°C, and the dirt on the fabric is also easier to be removed at high temperature. But some dirt in high temperature will directly affect the quality of hotel bed linen sale, such as blood in high temperature will denaturate and not good for cleaning. So the washing temperature should be determined according to the object being washed and the principle is that it is best not to use high temperature.

Ⅱ. The impact of washing fabric of hotel linen

The first step of linen (especially tablecloth) sent to the laundry room is to shake off food residues and rubbish. And the jittery linen should not be stacked together, and loose linen sent into the washing machine is easier to clean.

Ⅲ. The washing mistakes of hotel linen 

Good washing machine, good water quality and appropriate temperature, high-quality detergent series, correct operation procedures are necessary to ensure linen washing quality. But it's important to emphasize that even with all these essentials, there are some stains that can't be removed from the laundry, such as carbon black, paint, old mineral oil, animal and plant oil, mildew and other dirt on linen. They are difficult to get rid of, or although they can be got rid of but the effect is not ideal. Therefore, these dirt can only be relatively removed. Washing is relative, but not universal.

Ⅳ. The diversity of hotel linen dirt

Although the dirt in certain areas has certain regularity. For example, the dirt on the pillowcase is mainly sebum and sweat stains and cook's work clothes mainly have animal and plant grease and so on. But the lipstick stains that occasionally appear on pillowcases and the shoe impressions that are common on floor towels can be real stubbornness.

Ⅴ. The instability of water quality of hotel linen

The most obvious factor that affects the washing effect of hotel linen is the water quality, which mainly refers to the influence of the hardness of water and iron, and the defects of heating equipment (rust caused by steam heating).

Ⅵ. The irrationality of washing operation of hotel linen

Overloading of hotel linen makes the mechanical function not play its due role. We should limit the cost of detergent, dosage or improper quality. Consider environmental protection, such as restrictions on phosphorus auxiliaries, etc.

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