Features of the Hotel Linen

Generally speaking, hotel linen pays attention to product quality. In order to adapt to frequent industrial washing, hotel linen pays more attention to the internal quality indicators of the product, such as quality deviation, breaking strength, water absorption, color fastness rubbing resistance and durability and so on.

1. Features of hotel linen

  • Towel products have a relatively high square weight with good texture, superior bulkiness and water absorption performance.

  • The color of hotel linen is mainly plain, the tone of which is simpler than that of home textiles, pursuing simplicity and convenience.

  • Fabric products have high yarn count, high density, finer production, superior softness, and better skin contact.

  • The filling of quilt pillows has high quality requirements, focusing on resilience, environmental protection and dust control to avoid any pollution during sleep.

2. Why hotel linen is mostly white?

  • Clean and tidy. The bedding in hotels is used by many people, and white can make everyone feel clean and tidy.

  • Easy to clean. The industrial washing can wash the linen in large amount within short time and the white hotel linen is not easy to hide dirt which can be seen at a glance, which is convenient for workers to operate.

  • Coordinated with the whole decoration. Different hotels have their own decorations. The white hotel linen and various decoration styles can coexist harmoniously, and can serve as a co-star for the overall decoration.

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