Good Quality Fitted Sheets for Hotel

A bed, without embellishment, may not be what the masses define as a bed. In order to bring the ultimate experience to users, there must be a series of cumbersome processes, and more importantly, whether the bedding is in good condition.

Good fitted sheets play an integral role in the laying of the entire bed. Sheets should be placed on top of comfort pads and mattress pads, with the four sides down and under the pads, and pressing them down. When customers have lower price demands or requirements, the length can be shortened to the corresponding length according to negotiation.

1. The most direct role of hotel fitted sheets is to protect mattresses and beds

In hotels, bed sheets can be changed and washed at any time, which can ensure the cleanliness of the mattress, and the stains will not be left on the mattress and bed when there are stains left, because of the protection of the sheets. This also saves a lot of time for the operator, and will not affect the mood and requirements of subsequent residents.

The object of the hotel bed sheet is mainly corporate hotels, so the provided bed sheet is also very simple, which is a square shape. The length of the curling edge is uniform, and the width of the curling edge is variable. Hotels will have different room types. The manufacturer will design the appropriate bed sheet size according to the size of different bed types.

2. The color thread sewing method of hotel fitted sheets adopts diversified forms

The main difference is whether the color line is used around and on the front and back. The first is to use the color line on the width of the reverse side and white lines on the other three sides according to the recommended position of the bulk fitted sheets, which presents a kind of simplicity and generosity. The second is to use color lines on the four sides. The color lines are on the reverse side of the finished product. Using color lines on the four sides will bring a feeling of being considerate, unassuming, and not lacking in simplicity and generosity. The third type of color line is used on the four sides, and the front and back sides are color lines. This looks noble and fashionable, not exaggerated. Regarding the fabric of the bed sheet, the manufacturer will make a corresponding analysis according to its size and formulate a suitable fabric. The fabrics are subject to unified standards and strict audits.

The characteristics of good quality fitted sheets selected by hotels are generally pure white and simple, and no strong color collision is required, so it will not be very cumbersome in the production process. Whether you are on a business trip or traveling, dragging your tired body to the hotel, the first thing you come into contact with is the hotel fitted sheets. People will have the desire to continue to choose only when the sheets are done well!

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