Hotel Management: How to Manage Hotel Linen?

Clean and tidy linen can bring guests a comfortable experience. Because linen is frequently used, washed many times, and many linen washings are outsourced cleaning, the management of linen is very important. The management of hotel linen has always been the key work of the department, and it is also a task that employees need to face every day. The quality of linen management is related to the customer's experience, the life of the linen, and the key to reducing hotel costs.

1. Hotel linen purchase management

(1) When applying for linen in the new store, the purchase should be based on about 3 times the number of beds in the hotel room.

(2) Subscriptions for linen from hotels in operation should be subscribed every six months according to the scrapped ratio.

(3) After the hotel linen arrives at the store, it is necessary to count the specific quantity, and arrange it neatly in the warehouse according to the specifications, models and categories.

(4) Embroidery labels are required for the purchase of linen, so that the hotel can manage it differently.

(5) All newly purchased linen shall be sampled for inspection and checked to see if it is consistent with what was indicated when the contract was signed.

(6) The principle that the new linen should be concentrated on the first floor for use in the opened stores, and the old linen on the original floor should be transferred to other floors to avoid confusion. In principle, it is not allowed to use old linen and new linen at the same time on the same floor.

2. Daily management of hotel linen

(1) The hotel shall allocate a fixed number of linen to each floor according to the number of beds on each floor.

(2) Make a table with the fixed number of linen equipment on each floor and paste it in a conspicuous position between the linen.

(3) Each floor has a designated white hotel linen manager to manage the linen on the floor, and is responsible for the quantity and washing quality of the linen. If it is damaged or lost, the linen manager on that floor should be held accountable.

(4) Linen on each floor is managed separately and counted separately. If there is mutual loan of linen between floors, it must be recorded and returned in time.

(5) Every week, the hotel linen manager organizes the morning shift attendant to count the linen on the floor, including room allocation, linen cabinets, work vehicles, dirty linen and the amount owed by the washing company, and carefully record and check whether the amount is consistent with the amount owed by the washing company. The number of fixed equipment matches. If there is any discrepancy, find out the reason in time and report it to the room supervisor.

(6) Every morning, the morning shift attendant arranges the work car according to the amount of linen in 6 rooms before going off work; the middle shift and night shift use the linen of the designated work car for customer service, and place the replaced dirty linen on the cloth on the floor. among the grass. If there is additional hotel linen in the room, it must be recorded in the handover book.

(7) Departmental linen inventory is organized by the finance department and the room manager every month.

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