How to Disinfect Hotel Bath Linen?

We are all familiar with bath linen, but do you know about the cleaning and disinfection of hotel bath linen? We pay more attention to the hygiene of hotel towels and large bath linen, because a little carelessness can cause health damage. At the same time, the disinfection of bath linen is a very important part of towel maintenance. Only when this work is guaranteed can you have a healthy life.

Bath linen is different from other daily necessities. It is a multi-loop fabric with many gaps. It happens that these gaps will unconsciously absorb some pollutants harmful to health such as dust and germs. When these pollutants enter After the bath towel, we wipe the skin with the bath towel, which will allow these germs to invade our body, and the germs can easily cause us to contract diseases.

These are by no means alarmist talk, because new scientific research points out that coins, wholesale linen bedding and towels are the three indirect vectors of disease transmission. Many diseases are spread through them. If you do not pay attention to the maintenance of bath linen, you will not carry out Disinfection of bath linen can really damage the skin and even cause cross-infection, especially the hotel towel series. So how to disinfect and sterilize hotel bath linen? Amain will answer this question for you as follow.

1. Towels and bath linen are best used for one person. Generally, they need to be replaced after 3 months. Towels after the expiration date are usually dirty and hard and endanger health.

2. When washing bath linen, avoid overheating and long-time drying. When drying, tumble drying in the machine can make hotel towels more fluffy and soft, while hanging and drying cannot achieve this effect. Do not expose it to sunlight or force it to dry with an ultra-high temperature heat source.

3. Use a small amount of detergent to make the towel softer. Avoid pouring the detergent directly on the towel, otherwise the residual liquid of the detergent will cause the towel to harden, and try to reduce the chlorine bleach. Do not use fabric softener frequently, otherwise it will affect the water absorption of the towel. Wash dark towels and light-colored towels separately.

4. Avoid washing linen with clothing that contains zippers, hooks or buttons. These objects will damage the towel loops. Do not wash the towels and clothing together, the terry fabric will wrap the light, soft fabric clothing inside.

5. If the damp bath towel is left for too long or cannot be dried for a long time, it will breed mold and other bacteria. When the mildewed towel is dried, the fiber will be brittle and break quickly. After the towel is used for a period of time, the free calcium and magnesium ions in the water combine with the soap to form calcium-magnesium soap and adhere to the surface of the towel, making the towel hard.

6. To make the bath towel soft, add 20 grams of soda ash or a suitable softener to about 3 catties of water and cook for 10 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and cold water several times. For some people who love to get oily, towels are often greasy and slippery, and the effect is not very good after washing many times, which is very annoying. It is recommended to soak in strong salt water for washing, and then rinse with clean water to refresh the hotel bath linen.

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