How to Integrate the Hotel Linen Wholesale into the Overall Style of the Hotel?

Many hospitality industries are faced with different types and styles of hotel linen. The linen wholesale of hotel linen is integrated into the overall style of the hotel, but it is also a prominent point of harmony. For example, we can choose fresh and natural colors in spring and summer to create a good atmosphere, and choose warm colors in winter to give people a warm feeling effect.

1. The choice of integrating hotel linen into the overall style of the hotel

Hotel linen wholesale towel selection: The selection of towels is mainly based on the requirements of cotton yarn.

Selection of core materials for hotel linen wholesale: cores are divided into down silk, down silk and down silk, and down silk and down silk are used more. The choice of feather silk quilt core and feather silk pillow core is very simple. Make sure it's feather silk inside. It is mainly down, divided into goose down and duck down. The down content of down is an issue that needs attention. Filling the pillow with 30% down is very good. The quilt core is generally between 50% and 90%. It depends on the situation of the hotel, but there is no quilt core for the down jacket. It is impossible to do with current technology.

2. How to prevent hotel linen from getting wet?

White hotel linen can be made from lime powder or charcoal. On rainy days, wrap it in cloth or linen. Quicklime powder or charcoal can be placed in all parts of the room to keep the gas dry. Moisture absorption boxes and dehumidification bags are also a good choice, suitable for large living rooms, bathrooms and other large-capacity occasions. After a period of use, the chemical substances in the moisture absorption box can be removed, and the moisture-proof agent in bulk can be purchased and put into the box for reuse.

For fabric sofas and blankets, regularly remove surface dust. If necessary, dry gently with a hair dryer to help remove moisture. As soon as the temperature rises, we will take the opportunity to put the cold and damp home accessories in the sun.

Hotel restaurant bedding bags should be placed in the sun for several hours after continuous use for a month, especially in the rainy weather. Down jackets and silk household furniture items should be exposed to the sun immediately. They should be placed in a dry, naturally ventilated and shaded place, ventilated and dried. If the moisture return is serious, it can be covered with a layer of pure cotton and placed in the sun for 1-2 hours. Sunlight is an environmentally friendly and effective antiseptic and moisture barrier. It not only removes the moisture from the quilt pillow core, but also makes the quilt fluffy and soft. It smells the sun, removes germs, and lets the right quilt give you a night of dreams.

Hotel linen hotel rooms should open windows for ventilation, but need to accurately control the natural ventilation time. The most important moisture-proof time for hotel linen is in the morning and evening. The relative humidity of the air during these two periods is higher than noon. Steam can seep badly into every corner of the room if you don't close the doors and windows right away.

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