How to Remove Linen Drag Marks?

During the washing process of hotel linen, drag marks can be regarded as a kind of stain that is difficult to clean. This is also a problem that plagues hotel linen washing staff. It is difficult to completely remove drag marks using conventional washing methods. Using high concentrations of chemicals or applying excessive mechanical force to scratch and rub the stains will seriously damage the linen, causing local damage.

1. Analysis of the reasons for the formation of drag marks on hotel linen

To quickly remove drag marks, we must first figure out how the drag marks are formed. Generally, the following conditions will form drag marks:

(1) Linen (sheets, quilt covers, pillow bags, etc.) are dragged on the floor.

(2) When the linen is stacked on the hard floor (marble, ceramic tile, etc.), step on it with your feet.

(3) Use linen to wipe items when cleaning.

By analyzing the formation of drag marks, it is found that they have two common characteristics, one is that the linen is relatively dry when the drag marks are formed; the other is that the white linen of the hotel has happened with other objects when the drag marks are formed. friction.

2. How to remove drag marks from hotel linen?

(1) Slight drag marks: When processing, first dissolve the washing powder, and then soak the fabric with drag marks in the washing powder solution. After 10 minutes, brush it with a brush and apply a certain mechanical force to remove it.

(2) Stubborn drag marks: first soak the hotel linen, then apply dry cleaning soap oil (also called dry cleaning soap oil) on the drag marks, wait for 20 minutes, then brush with a brush, and then wash it normally in the machine, it can be removed. When brushing, you don't have to wait until all the stains disappear. As long as most of the stains have been removed or faded, you can enter the normal washing process to wash, and the remaining stains will be removed during the washing process.

3. Cleaning method for hotel linen stubborn stains

Can the old sweat stains of many years be washed off with ordinary laundry detergent? Hotel linen that has just been soaked by sweat can be soaked in water in time, then rubbed with soap and rinsed with water. When washing in the washing machine, using enzyme-added laundry detergent is also very effective in removing sweat stains. If it is old perspiration, it can be washed with 1% ammonia water (water temperature is 40℃-50℃), then washed with 1% oxalic acid solution (or lemon juice solution), then washed with washing powder, and finally washed with warm water at 30℃ wash.

How to wash blood stains on linen most thoroughly? When washing with a washing machine, use cold water to wash, never use hot water. To clean general blood stains, add enzyme laundry detergent to remove blood stains. If it is old blood stains, you can treat it with lemon juice and brine. For stubborn blood stains, wipe with a mixture of 2 parts of borax, 1 part of 10% ammonia water and 20 parts of water. After the blood spots are removed, rinse with clean water. If the white linen of the hotel is stained with blood, adding a certain amount of bleach can also remove the blood.

How to get rid of stubborn mildew stained by moisture? To remove new mildew spots, you can use a brush to lightly brush the mildew spots, then apply laundry soap to the stains and scrub. For stubborn mildew, wipe with alcohol, and finally wash with an enzymatic detergent. When washing with a washing machine, for hotel linens of different colors, use rinsing liquid or color bleaching liquid to soak the local mildew spots, and then perform regular washing.

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