Methods of Cleaning Linen Sheets Provided by Amain

It is said that linen is a special fabric for the royal family of Europe, and it is a relatively high-end fabric product. In recent years, linen bed sheets have been more and more integrated into the family life of ordinary people. It has the characteristics of dryness and coolness. Linen bed sheets are a fashionable new product. But, do you know how to wash linen sheets? Here are some ways to clean linen sheets.

1. The advantages of linen sheets

Flax has excellent sweat absorption, breathability, antibacterial and anti-static functions, and it does not stick to the skin and feels soft. In recent years, this kind of fabric has attracted much attention and has gained reputations such as "Fiber Queen" and "Natural Air Conditioner". High-quality linen sheets can last about 10 years.

At room temperature, the actual temperature of linen sheets and skin contact can drop by 4℃~8℃, and it can also emit a faint fragrance. This fragrance can inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria. It also has the health care effect of reducing blood pressure and calming the nerves. It is suitable for the elderly, women, and children. The most unique feature of linen sheets is that they are comfortable and soft, so they can be washed with confidence and can be folded at will for easy storage.

2. How to clean linen sheets

Linen sheets are easy to use and clean. It is best to clean it with a disinfectant every 12 weeks. The washing method is the same as that of ordinary bed sheets. It can be washed with water or dry cleaned. It is best to soak in 30℃~40℃ warm water for 10 minutes before washing. Do not wring it forcefully when washing by hand. After smoothing it, let it dry naturally. When it is 80% dry, iron the back at a high temperature to make it smoother and smoother, especially for the pinstripe linen sheets.

The anti-wrinkle function should be used when machine-washed linen sheets, and the machine must not be dehydrated. However, for the sake of your linen sheets, it is recommended to avoid machine washing. Do not use bleaching detergent and soap when cleaning, or the color will fade. And do not wring it forcefully, but make it flat and dry. Instead of exposing it to the sun, iron it when it is half dry to reduce the shrinkage rate, and thus the effect is better.

After reading the above introduction, I believe everyone has already understood how to wash linen sheets. Linen bed sheets also have unique characteristics such as inhibiting bacteria, anti-allergic, and anti-radiation, so they are welcomed by consumers. The bedding of Amain is strong, soft, smooth and breathable, and it will get better every time you wash it. Our product is made of cotton, which is a compact plain weave fabric that can create a warm sleeping experience. The minimum order quantity is 100 pieces, and the production time is as low as 7 days. Welcome your order!

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