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As a bath linen manufacturers, Amain provides customers with the best wholesale bath sheets bath linen at the best price. The bathroom linen sets are selected from high-quality long-staple cotton from China. The sunshine time is as long as 18 hours, and the picking period is only 40 days a year. The cotton is huge, the color is pure, and each one has the smell of sunshine.  Ordinary towels have low square gram weight, short loops, average cotton quality, and poor skin feel. Our hotel bath sheets products have high square gram weight, larger and thicker, with even loops, soft and comfortable to touch. Compared with water absorption, ordinary towels have weak water absorption capacity and cannot effectively lock water. Our bath linen has strong water absorption capacity and effectively locks in moisture. If you consider buying bath linen, our bedding linen sets are the best choice, for it’ s cheaper to buy in bulk bath sheets.

Types of Bath Linen

  • Cotton Towel

    Nothing feels better than wrapping yourself up in a cozy towel after you get out of the tub or shower. If you want a super soft, ultra-absorbent 100% cotton towel, look for amain cotton towel with dense, plush loops of yarn on the surface. The cotton is large and plump. The fiber length reaches about 35mm. The woven loop is 12mm, which is higher than the standard of a five-star hotel. Therefore, our bath linen company can provide customers high quality bath linen products at the best price.
  • Bathrobe

    Specially designed with Spinsoft technology and with a shawl collar, this robe is exceptionally absorbent and woven from 100% long staple cotton. The bathrobe by our bath linen suppliers adopts the classic pineapple plaid process, the texture is clear, showing a three-dimensional and multi-dimensional beautiful effect, and it is not bloated and looks better. High-quality fabrics are soft and comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly, which makes people feel relaxed and enjoyable when he puts on the bathrobe from Amain.

Linen Bath Sheets Vs Cotton Bath Towels

linen is the cortical fiber of plants. Its function is similar to that of human skin. It has natural properties such as protecting the body and regulating temperature. The natural air permeability, absorption, freshness and moisture removal of linen make it a free-breathing textile. It makes people feel cool, which is called “natural air conditioner”. Cotton bath towels is soft but poor durability, poor elasticity and easy to wrinkle. Therefore, in order to save cost of hotel and guarantee the quality of the bath linen sets, the linen bath sheets is better than cotton bath towels.

Caring For Your Bath Linen Products

  • Develop the habit of drying bath linen products. Do not hang them in the bathroom with high humidity for a long time, so as not to provide conditions for the growth of bacteria;

  • Develop the habit of washing bath linen products frequently. 

  • Bath linen products cannot be used for a long time and should be replaced regularly. 

Selecting and How To Choose Linen Bath Sheet Brands

When choosing a brand of linen bath sheet, customers should first consider the supplier’s qualification certificate. In 2005, Amain obtained the best certification in the textile industry in 2005, the EU Oeko Tex standard100 and the US ES-PAS1008 certification. The certificates guarantees that Amain bath linen suppliers can provide high-quality products and services to customer service. Secondly, customers should choose credible and responsible bath linen manufacturers for receiving goods on time.

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