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Custom Hotel Collection Linen Duvet Cover

Quilt covers not only prevent expensive quilts from being soiled, but also allow customers to intuitively perceive the quality of the hotel. Cooperate with many high-star hotels, well-known agents and distributors at home and abroad throughout the year. Abundant products, excellent quality and considerate service have been recognized by customers at home and abroad. Hotel-specific quilt cover, fine craftsmanship, easy to disassemble and wash, opening reinforcement, durable and strong.

Amain, a reputable healthy residential product company, provides high quality organic duvet cover for our customers, together with considerate service and competitive wholesale price. With advanced processing technology, all our cotton duvet cover sets on sale are rather comfortable and skin-friendly, very popular among mid-to-high-end hotels around the world.

Good Duvet Cover Types

As a reliable duvet cover supplier, Amain offers different types of high-end hotel cotton linen duvet cover. We have luxury green sateen bedroom duvet sets for sale. We also provided the smooth and comfort king duvet cover for hotel bed. And our warm golden striped linen duvet collection really elevates the interior value of the bedroom. Feel free to browse our website, select and buy your ideal duvet cover sheet.  

Bulk Hotel Duvet Cover FAQs

What Is A Duvet Cover Sheet?

As is known to us, a pillow has its own pillowcase. Similarly, a duvet quilt should be with a duvet cover. A duvet cover sheet functions as a protective layer for the duvet. They can be moved easily and a quick change of your bedroom duvet cover may brings a new look for the whole interior.  

What Materials Are Duvet Covers Made From?

You’d better choose the cotton material for your duvet cover. It is not recommended to go for something too smooth, especially those made from inexpensive polyester. As down products are very light, the duvet is easy to slide inside the quilt cover if using the kind of polyester material. While the 100% cotton duvet cover set by Sonton, a reputable company in high quality residential products, will be very comfortable to sleep on the body, and it is not easy to slip and shift.   

The Benefits Of Using A Bed Duvet Cover

100% pure cotton duvet cover set has better moisture absorption and drainage. When the cotton fiber humidity is too large, in high surrounding temperature, the moisture in the cotton fiber will evaporate to maintain a state of water balance.  

Pure cotton duvet cover bed sheet has good warmth retention. As the cotton fiber itself has the characteristics of porosity and good elasticity, so the cotton fiber will store a lot of air for warmth.  


Cotton fiber is a natural fiber and has no irritation or side effects when it comes its contact with the skin. Long-term use of cotton bed duvet cover is beneficial to human health.

Choosing A Duvet Cover From Factory

Touch with your hands: generally speaking, the feeling of unwashed good duvet cover is a little bit hard. We can touch to see if there is resistance and whether the moisture on the hand will be absorbed. If there is such kind of feeling, the duvet cover is with high cotton content; if feels slippery, the cotton duvet cover set is with high added chemical fiber in it.  

Look with your eyes: using your eyes is the most intuitive. Observe the appearance of the hair fiber to see whether the distribution is uniform. If the bending long fiber is less, the cotton content of the bed duvet cover is higher; conversely, the cotton duvet cover contains more chemical fiber.  

Duvet Cover Sizes

As a reputable healthy living product company, Amain provides high end duvet cover for hotels. Our customized duvet covers are 100% pure cotton and can be made in either plain or exquisite style. When putting on a duvet cover to hotel bedrooms, we should choose the appropriate duvet cover size in cm. And our quality cotton bed duvet set can be used for hotel twin bed, standard double, queen bed, super king, etc.    

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