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Amain can offer you high-quality duvet and blanket. Never forget the original intention,Stick to the mission of changing the sleep environment,Bring a super five-star experience.

Our company, which is a professional duvet maker, mainly produces and sells hotel bedding, hotel disposable supplies and hotel room materials, such as hotel all season down alternative comforter. Amain, being a duvet factory, is based on the business mode of honesty and trustworthiness, mutual benefit and good reputation. Its business is all over the world. "Professionalism, quality and quality" is our company spirit and service belief. Our duvet hotel quality will be guaranteed through experienced operators.

In the past few years since its establishment, Amain, as a duvet supplier, has continuously learned and absorbed advanced technology and exquisite workmanship, combined with decades of wisdom and experience in the hotel bed duvet market, provided customers with the most satisfactory products and won the trust and praise of each customer.

  • Antibacterial Duvet
    Antibacterial Duvet
    The all-cotton hotel collection duvet set provides a firm, delicate and soft hand and skin touch. The use of antibacterial technology can inhibit the growth of more than 90% of bacteria and clean the sleeping environment. Antibacterial down is the use of nanotechnology to mix and finish inorganic silver antibacterial agents into down fibers, so that hotel duvet comforter has the functions of antibacterial, deodorization and not easy to change color. The excellent antibacterial and lasting antibacterial properties of hotel quality quilt can effectively overcome the harm of bacteria and molds to human health.
  • Goose Down Duvet
    Goose Down Duvet
    Choose the fluffy goose chest and armpits with high fluffiness and good warmth. The made duvet has warmth retention of 2.2 times that of wool. It is not easy to compact after long-term use. The fluffy and warm duvet makes your sleep more comfortable. Hotel standard duvet not only has good warmth retention and softness, no sense of oppression, and heat tightness but also has the function of moisture absorption and perspiration. The hotel collection duvet is an animal protein with higher thermal insulation capacity than plant fibers such as cotton. The three-dimensional triangular skeleton structure of down itself can store a large amount of air, and the air itself is a bad conductor, so it can resist the attack of external cold and the loss of body temperature.
  • Duck Down Duvet
    Duck Down Duvet
    Choose the tender and tender velvet on duck breast and underarms, the velvet is huge, and the duvet made from it has a fluffy degree of 650+, which is 2.5 times that of cotton, which is comfortable and warm. Duck down quilt is light and thick, which has become the choice of many consumers. We, as one of duvet manufacturers, provide colorful styles of hotel duvet set, which can fully meet people's demand for fashionable and beautiful duck-down quilt. Different colors of hotel duvets for sale include light blue, light grey, red, navy blue, patterned duvet and so on.
  • Polyester Duvet
    Polyester Duvet
    Selected high-quality fabrics, strong and durable, low price, can be combined with antibacterial fibers to achieve antibacterial, anti-virus and other effects
  • Silk Duvet
    Silk Duvet
    Filled with natural silk, with excellent warmth and air permeability, and also has the characteristics of beauty and beauty. The healthy raw materials come from the gift of nature.

Bulk Hotel Duvet Cover FAQs

What Materials Are Duvet Made From?

The quilt core of duvet hotel collection includes white goose down, grey goose down, white duck down, grey duck down, goose duck mixed down and crushed down, with the down content of 15% - 70% respectively. Among them, the best quality duvet sets are made of goose down, which has large velvet flowers, small feather stems, good quality, sufficient elasticity and strong warmth retention. The second is duck down. Although the down flower and feather stem are worse than goose down, they have high quality, elasticity and warmth retention. Goose duck mixed cashmere flowers are general, with poor elasticity, but good warmth retention. Due to the processing and crushing of wool pieces, the crushed cashmere has poor elasticity and warmth retention, with powder and inferior quality. The main fillings of hotel collection duvet set are goose down and duck down. In comparison, goose down quilt is better than duck down. But no matter what kind of down quilt, its main quality index is down content. Generally speaking, 50% down is high-quality duvet. We, supporting duvet wholesale, will surely guarantee the quality of duvet,and any requests are welcomed.

The Benefit of Using a Bed Duvet Cover

The hotel duvet comforter has good warmth, good moisture absorption and perspiration, and is relatively dry. Because the down quilt also has the characteristics of light, soft and soft, its weight is much lighter than the quilt, and will not cause a sense of oppression to the human body when used. Therefore, hotel duvet comforter is suitable for people suffering from hypertension, heart disease, poor blood circulation, the elderly, pregnant women and children.

Choosing A Duvet Cover From Factory

1. There are many kinds of duvet. Among them, duck down, goose down, duck goose mixture and so on are more common in the market. In comparison, goose down is lighter and warmer than duck down. Similarly, the price is certainly more expensive.

2. Look at the cashmere content. Generally, the cashmere content is between 15-70% and higher. The higher the content, the warmer the hotel bed duvet will be, the lighter and more comfortable it will be, and the price will be higher. In particular, the quilt with 85% cashmere content will be particularly expensive.

3. In terms of weight. With the same down content, the heavier the quilt, the more down it fills, so the price is naturally higher.

Amain, as an expert of duvet in China, can offer different specifications of qualified bed duvet for sale, and if you want to buy , please contact us.

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