Purchase Method and Maintenance Method of Hotel Linen

Hotel linen usually refers to almost everything related to "cloth" in modern hotels, including bedding in hotel rooms: such as sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases, pillow cores, quilt cores, decorative fabrics, etc.; hotel bathroom products: such as square towels, face towels, bath towels, bathrobes, etc.; textiles for hotels and restaurants: such as tablecloths, mouth cloths, chair covers, etc. For competitive hotel linens for sale in bulk.

1. How to purchase hotel linen?

(1) From the perspective of environmental design

The linen used in the hotel is the highlight of the overall harmony in the living environment. We must consider the coordination with the indoor environment and the particularity of room functions, and pay attention to the unity of local decoration and overall style of the home environment.

(2) From the perspective of health care

Research shows that a third of human life is spent in sleep. Whether the human body can get enough rest during sleep largely determines the health of the body.

(3) Starting from the purpose of purchase

If you give a gift, it depends on who you give the gift to, and the person who gives the newlyweds should be more festive. When sending new friends to move, we should consider the environment of the new house.

2. The maintenance method of hotel linen

(1) The cleaning frequency of bedding (excluding core) can be determined according to personal hygiene habits. Before the first use, it can be rinsed with water, and the slurry and printing and dyeing floating color on the surface can be washed off. It's softer to use and won't fade easily in future washes.

(2) Except for special materials and materials that cannot be washed in general (such as silk), the washing procedure is as follows: First, pour neutral detergent into the water of the washing machine, and the water temperature should not exceed 30 ℃. After the detergent is completely dissolved, put it into the bedding, and the soaking time should not be too long. Unnecessary discoloration may occur due to the use of alkaline detergents or high water temperature, or uneven dissolution of the detergent or prolonged soaking. At the same time, light colors are produced during the washing process, and the products should be washed separately from dark products to avoid mutual staining. After cleaning, it can be dried in an outdoor ventilated place. If the hotel linen uses a dryer, please use low temperature drying, and the temperature should not exceed 35 ℃ to avoid excessive shrinkage.

(3) When collecting, please clean it first, dry it thoroughly, fold it neatly, put a certain amount of mothballs, and place it in a dark place with low humidity and good ventilation. Quilt products that have not been used for a long time can be dried in the sun before use to make them fluffy.

(4) Special precautions: The white hotel linen of linen products should not be rubbed and twisted hard when washing; when collecting cotton and linen products, pay attention to keep the environment clean and prevent mildew. Light-colored and dark-colored products should be stored separately to prevent shadow color and yellowing; white silk products should not be placed in mothballs or camphor wood boxes, otherwise they will turn yellow; hotel pillows wholesale except single-hole fiber pillows are washable, But due to its thickness, it must be dried sufficiently so that it turns yellow. It is best to use pillowcases normally to avoid washing troubles.

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