Social Responsibility

Amain debuted at 2017 H0TELEX, interpreting the "comfort of a five-star hotel"

As a leader in the healthy bedding industry, the amain brand provides formaldehyde-free, healthy and environmentally friendly, and comfortable living products for many five-star hotels and family users, Its baby-level healthy skin-friendly, simple white series products have become the industry’s eager to emulate object.

The main exhibition hall has attracted many visitors. The interior of the exhibition hall is also very popular. There is a constant flow of people and crowds. At the same time, the brand charm of amain has also attracted the attention of media workers and has received many media including CCTV. Personnel interview


Amain participated in the Xinjiang Care Action.

On June 9th, 2018, the launching ceremony of the Aid Xinjiang Care Campaign was held. This action will send loving materials to boarding primary schools in Xinjiang Tajik Autonomous County to improve the living and learning environment of students. Many caring companies and institutions such as amain, Tianhong, China Post, Carrefour, etc., gave strong support to this event.

This charity is an integral part of amian's many charitable activities. For many years, amian has been grateful for society and giving back to society as its own responsibility. It has assisted Xinjiang’s development many times and held bedding donation activities. In addition to many good deeds, amian Adhere to honest management, provide consumers with superior quality, green, and environmentally friendly products, which demonstrates amian's sense of social responsibility as a company.

This time, amian donated a total of 100,000 yuan in materials and materials. These materials will arrive in Xinjiang in five days. I hope they can improve the environment of students from afar and convey greetings and blessings from Shenzhen.