The Production Process of Pure Cotton Bath Linen

The bath linen is our daily necessities, and everyone is familiar with it, but do you all know the production process of bath linen? The following describes the whole production process of hotel bath linen. Pure cotton bath linen is divided into adult and children use, but its production process is not that simple. What kind of preliminary preparations should be made for the production of a bath linen.

1. How to produce a pure cotton bath linen?

(1) Strictly selected raw materials for pure cotton bath linen

According to the use and characteristics of bath linen, select suitable cotton materials, and then twist the cotton into yarn;

(2) Selection and pre-bleaching of pure cotton bath linen

The most commonly used raw yarns for bath linen are pure cotton, blended yarns and other materials. According to the thickness, they are divided into 16, 21, 32 yarns, etc., as well as single strands and double strands. In order to make the color of bath linen more diverse, many raw yarns are dyed before warped, which is called pre-bleaching.

(3) Warp and sizing of pure cotton bath linen

Before the raw yarn is woven on the machine, the raw yarn must be warped on the pan head. The sizing is to prevent the yarn from breaking during the weaving process and increase its wear resistance.

(4) Weaving of pure cotton bath linen

After warping, the thread strength is not enough and thread always breaks, so it needs to go through the process of sizing. Generally, single yarn needs the sizing.

(5) Bleaching and dyeing of pure cotton bath linen

The product after weaving is called the semi-finished towel, which needs to be bleached and dyed, including dyeing, water absorption, softening, and whitening. The bath linen is designed, finalized, and then machine's pattern setting is finished. What's more, after the raw yarn is selected, according to the product design, the yarn is dyed or directly warped into thousands of yarns, each of which is hundreds of kilograms. After sizing, the yarn is ready for machine weaving. After the bath linen weaving machine weaves the fabric according to the design version, the fabric is sent to the bleaching and dyeing factory for washing, bleaching, dyeing, and drying, and after the processes of trimming, turning, and folding, the plaiting head becomes semi-finished products. According to different design requirements, it is sent to the printing factory for printing or the embroidery factory for computer embroidery, and then enters the process of final finishing and packaging. The complete process of bath linen production is thus over, and a beautiful bath linen is produced.

2. Precautions for the use of pure cotton bath linen

(1) Wash dark cotton bath linen and light-colored bath linen separately.

Avoid washing cotton bath linen with clothing that contains zippers, hooks or buttons. These items will damage the loops of cotton bath linen. Do not wash pure cotton bath linen and clothing together, because the terry fabric will wrap the light and soft clothing in it.

(2) Do not use bath linen fabric softener frequently, otherwise it will affect the water absorption of cotton bath linen.

(3) Carefully follow the instructions on the care label of the bath linen.

When washing cotton bath linen, avoid overheating and long-time drying. Tumble drying in the dryer can make cotton bath linen more fluffy and soft, while hanging and drying cannot achieve this effect.

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