Tips for Cleaning Duvet Cover

As feather duvet cover is more and more popular, the problem of how to maintain duvet cover has stumped many consumers. A properly maintained duvet cover can last for 20 years. In order to keep the duvet cover as fluffy as possible, direct washing should be avoided when cleaning it. The maintenance methods for custom duvet cover are shared below.

Ⅰ. Neutral detergent for cleaning feather duvet cover

There will be a layer of natural animal fat on the down, which can protect the fiber, and the use of improper detergent will damage this layer of fat, thereby impairing the bulkiness and warmth of the feather duvet cover.

Neutral detergent can clean the down while protecting this layer of grease. The strong alkaline soap and washing powder (pH value around 10) is easy to destroy the fat protective layer on the surface of the down, making the down brittle and damaged and feather silk and down silk fall off, reducing the texture and warmth of the down. It is recommended to use neutral detergent or special detergent for down products.

Ⅱ. Appropriate washing method of feather duvet cover

1. The stand-up lining design of the feather duvet cover makes the interior independent squares. High-quality custom duvet cover will divide the interior into many small compartments, and then fill them with appropriate down to keep warm while making the duvet cover as evenly stressed as possible. Incorrect washing methods will damage the inner lining, which will cause the down to run around in the quilt and easy agglomerate. We should use a roller or hand wash to clean the duvet cover, and also reduce the number of washing machine revolutions as much as possible to reduce the action of tearing. Attention should also be paid to the washing temperature, generally 30°C is the best washing temperature.

2. In addition, if the feather duvet cover is not very dirty, it can be cleaned locally. Small stains can also be cleaned locally. After partial cleaning, squeeze dehydration or absorb water with a dry towel, wring it out, and then ventilate it to dry.

3. When the feather duvet cover is washed, it will turn into a ball. At this time, it is necessary to spread it as flat as possible and then dry it. Patting the feather duvet cover from time to time during the drying process will help it restore its bulkiness. It should be noted here that you need to pat gently, otherwise the velvet will break into velvet filaments.

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