Tips on Selecting Amain Home Textile!

Many people don't know how to match their beddings. Amain will tell you how to match your beddings. You can also increase the sense of modernity through changes in the texture of the fabric, which seems more diversified than the monochromatic combination.

1. The selection of the fabric material of the sheets of linen

As bed sheets are in close contact with the human body, their material requirements are very high. Generally speaking, fabrics with higher natural fiber content are better. Since home textile sheets are made of natural fibers that moisture-absorbing and breathable, they touch mild and non-irritating so that they can effectively protect human skin, which can be called quality fitted sheets.

2. The selection of printing and dyeing process of the sheets of linen

Although the printing and dyeing process got matured day by day as any color is possible. However, it is still a dyeing material, which means, it will cause a certain amount of harm to the human body. Therefore, it is safer to have as few printing and dyeing as possible for home textile printed flat sheets. Black bed sheet fabrics generally take longer time to dye and cause greater damage to the inner fiber structure, which is better than light bed sheet fabrics. In addition, the quality standards of light-colored fabrics are stricter than those of dark-colored fabrics, and fabrics with flaws are particularly easy to be found, and dyeing or covering may fraud us. 

3. Density of sheets of linen fabric

Density is one of the important indexes to measure the level of fabric, but it is often overlooked by people. The density of home textiles has a great influence on product quality. The fastness of the fabric, the fastness and air permeability, including the cost, are all related to the density of the fabric. All in all, the higher the density of a good bed sheet fabric, the better. The more comfortable and delicate the fabric can bring better and healthier sleep.

4. The production process of good fitted sheets

It's not enough just to use good materials. It is also necessary to use good fitted sheets to show craftsmanship. Generally speaking, satin fitted sheet is the best. Jacquard fabrics feel high-end, while good fabrics appear to be high-end and fancy.

5. Pay attention to the shrinkage of bedding when choosing bedding

Bedding has a certain shrinkage rate, which also deserves attention when purchasing. The relevant national standards stipulate that the shrinkage rate of the fabric should be within 4%. Generally speaking, the higher the density of home textiles, the less likely to shrink and deform.

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