Tips on Selecting Cotton Duvet Cover

It's believed that many people will choose the cotton duvet cover but how? How to tell whether the  bed duvet cover sold by the bedding manufacturer is pure cotton? And Amain will share some tips on selecting the cotton duvet cover!

1. Choose a the cotton duvet cover by hand

If the soft cotton duvet cover is washed with pulp, it will be a bit hard, stroke it with your hand, you will feel its resistance, and you feel that the moisture in the palm of your hand seems to be sucked away, it is the higher cotton content; it will be a bit harder after being stroked. If you feel slippery, then is not pure cotton but usually chemical fiber.

2. Choose the cotton duvet cover by your own eyes

For the light head-up  bed duvet, if the fiber and hair on the cloth surface are straight and short, evenly distributed, and there are few long-curved fibers, the cotton content is higher; on the contrary, it is the one with more chemical fiber components. What we usually call "pilling" is actually long fibers twisting together with short fibers after a long period of friction.

3. Choose the cotton duvet cover by smell

Smell the fabric. Due to the difference in printing and dyeing processes, fabrics with more chemical fiber components tend to absorb more dyes, so the chemical smell will also be stronger; quilt cover fabrics with higher cotton content are generally not printed too much. fabrics with complicated and fine patterns have weaker chemical smell.

4. Choose the cotton duvet cover by weight and price

For the same area of fabric, the fabric with high cotton content is generally slightly thicker and heavier, while the price of the  bed duvet  with high cotton content is relatively higher.

The above is the basic overview and introduction of the cotton duvet cover. We are reliable bedding manufacturers and it's believed that everyone also knows more or less about us. You can also log in to our official website to view and subscribe for more related information.

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