Types of Sheet Material of Hotel Grade Bed Sheets

Many people are not very aware of the bed sheets in the hotel bedding. When the hotel environment and comfort are good, it is acceptable. In fact, there is a lot of knowledge in it. Next, Amain will introduce the difference between the sheets of different materials in the hotel grade bed linen.

Ⅰ. Hotel grade bed linen----Cotton bed sheet

Cotton is the best sheet filler. Although it is not as fluffy as a down feather, in other aspects it is better than a down feather. Its service life is much higher than down feather hotel grade bed sheets.

Ⅱ. Hotel grade bed linen----Feather bed sheet

Down feather gives a fluffy feeling and is comfortable to lie on, but it loses its elasticity over time and is slow to bounce back and expensive. Down feather falls out easily from poor quality sheets and it will lose original thickness after a long time.

Ⅲ. Hotel grade bed linen----Wool sheet

Wool hotel grade bed sheets have excellent air permeability, resilience, and comfort. They are healthy and durable, allowing your skin to breathe freely and keeping it fresh and dry for a long time without deformation. It is more suitable for children, the elderly and the infirm.

Ⅳ. Hotel grade bed linen----Fiber sheet

Fiber sheets is warm and fluffy, because the air in the cavity plays a good role in heat insulation and fluffy. In addition, synthetic fibers lack the conditions for bacteria to grow, so they don't go mouldy. Moreover, the price is low, so they are widely used in home textile products filler.

Ⅴ. Hotel grade bed linen----Inflatable sheets

Mattress has inflatable tube system with inflatable and exhaust device respectively, which is easy to carry or collect. The air bed has a certain support to the body, and can adjust the softness and hardness of the sheet appropriately by controlling the air volume. But in the process of use, it will create floating to affect sleep quality. This is generally suitable for camping.

Ⅵ. Hotel grade bed linen----Latex sheets

It is also known as foam sheets, PU foam sheets. It is made of polyurethane compounds and has the advantages of high softness, strong water absorption, but it is of low permeability, expensive, and easy to stick with rubber pad for a long time.

Ⅶ. Hotel grade bed linen----Sponge

It is characterized by good resilience, softness and air permeability. High rebound sponge is a kind of sponge with active phosphorus accumulation and TDI as main body, which has excellent mechanical properties and good elasticity. Sponge hotel grade bed sheets have the features of large compression load, fire resistance, good air permeability.

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