Use and Maintenance of Down Pillows

Now people start to buy high-end good pillows, and when it comes to comfort and lightness, down pillows are none other than down pillows. Because of its three-dimensional triangular special structure, it is more fluffy, soft, and can maintain the temperature of the head. After the down pillow is compressed, it is easy to store. And can automatically adjust the temperature inside the quilt to achieve the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer. The use and maintenance of down pillows are as follows:

(1) When using the down pillow for the first time, tap it gently to restore its unique fluffy.

(2) Down is an animal protein fiber and contains oil and fat. If it has a slight smell, it is a normal phenomenon. It will gradually disappear once used.

(3) In order to prevent the core of the down pillow from being soiled, it should be covered with pillowcases when used. If it has been stained, it should be sent to a dry cleaner for dry cleaning. If the protection is good, it can basically be sent to a professional dry cleaner for cleaning once every 3-5 years. If there is no condition to wash with water, be sure to wash it weakly with a neutral detergent in low temperature water. Do not wash with alkaline washing powder, add bleach, dry at high temperature, etc. The higher the washing temperature, the greater the strength and the longer the time, the fluffy down will be reduced and affect the use effect.

(4) The fabric is anti-feather treatment, and a little hole will escape the feathers, so be careful when using it to avoid cutting the quilt by sharp objects.

(5) Choose good weather, and dry the pillow in a well-ventilated place without direct sunlight. The best time is 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. It is best to remove the duvet cover when drying.

(6) When storing, the pillow should be fully dried and stored in a well-ventilated place.

(7) In order to maintain the elasticity of the down pillow and prolong its service life, it is not advisable to press it when storing it. It is recommended not to use the popular vacuum storage bags on the market, because the long-term flattening will make the material of the pillow core fatigued when it is taken out next time, and the bulkiness and feel will be deteriorated, which will affect the comfort.

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