What Are the Advantages of Natural Duvets?

The duvet is not made of artificially planted cotton, but made from the fluff from the belly of goose and duck. What are the benefits of such a duvet? The following are some of the benefits of natural duvets summarized by Amain.

1. The natural duvet is soft and comfortable

As mentioned above, duvets are made from the fluff from the belly of goose and duck. This product is very soft and comfortable. Moreover, the down of these two animals is very light, and the high-end duvet made of high-end duvet will not feel oppressive on the body, which will make our sleep quality better. The central nervous system of the human body can be stabilized and can fall asleep quickly, so it also has a certain effect on beauty.

2. The natural duvet has high warmth retention

High-end duvets are different from ordinary cotton duvets. The animal hair in the duvet itself is a triangular skeleton structure. Therefore, the air storage capacity is relatively large, the temperature insulation is good, it can maintain the temperature of the human body in the quilt, and it is not easily affected by the indoor temperature. It is suitable for use all year round. The premise is to choose reliable bedding manufacturers.

3. Natural duvets are breathable and dry

Everyone knows that geese and ducks will not wet their feathers when they swim in the water. Therefore, the duvet also absorbs this feature. The duvet has a strong moisture removal property, and the fluff is not as easy to compact as a cotton quilt. The fluff is always light and fluffy in the natural duvet, and the body is always in a comfortable state.

4. Natural duvets are durable

Duvets have so many advantages, it is conceivable that duvets will be much more expensive than ordinary cotton quilts. Although it is much more expensive, the service life of duvets can be longer than that of ordinary cotton duvets. As long as we maintain the warm duvet cover properly, usually a duvet can be used for 30 years or more, which is quite cheap.

5. Natural duvets can prevent diseases

When the human body is sleeping, about 170cc of water is discharged every night. Ordinary bedding will accumulate too much water shortly after use, which can easily breed bacteria and cause discomfort to all aspects of the human body. Because the down fiber of high-end duvet has thousands of triangular air holes that can breathe, and the surface contains waterproof grease, it can automatically shrink or expand with changes in outside temperature and humidity, and can quickly absorb human sweat and moisture and quickly disperse, maintaining The quilt is clean and the human body is dry, and long-term use can also prevent rheumatism.

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