What Are the Benefits of Down Pillows?

More and more people realize the danger of staying up late, and gradually pay attention to the quality of sleep. But in modern times, more and more people suffer from insomnia. Therefore, in order to have a good sleep, people can be described as painstakingly. The first thing that comes to mind is to improve the bedding products, such as mattresses and pillows.

1. What kind of comfort pillow is good for sleep?

(1) Keep warm. The three-dimensional down (hair) contains a lot of air inside, which can block cold air. Cold-proof sleeping bags and down jackets for climbing mountains are made of down.

(2) Dry. Feather pillows can absorb sweat from the body during sleep and expel it quickly. And it can automatically adjust the temperature inside the quilt to achieve the effect of warming in winter and cooling in summer.

(3) Practical. Although the price of down pillows is slightly higher than that of cotton and chemical fiber pillows, the effect is unmatched by cotton and chemical fiber pillows. Soft pillows have a good therapeutic effect on patients with bad cervical spine, and the service life can generally be more than 20 years. Usually, if there is a slight depression, just pat it evenly with your hand, and then it can be restored to its original shape after 2-3 hours in the sun.

2. What are the benefits of down pillows?

(1) Improve sleep quality, regulate insomnia and dreaminess.

(2) Down pillows improve human microcirculation, increase body immunity and disease resistance.

(3) Does not occupy space. The down pillow is easy to store after being compressed.

(4) Correct sleeping posture, promote normal bone growth and prevent cervical spondylosis.

(5) Down pillows relieve the function of the central nervous system, play an analgesic, sedative, spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and swelling effect.

(6) Adjust blood pressure, reduce blood fat and blood viscosity.

(7) It has the function of adjusting gastrointestinal and antidiarrheal effect.

(8) Antibacterial, soften blood vessels, and activate water molecules in the body.

(9) Promote fat metabolism and blood circulation.

(10) Down pillows can eliminate fatigue, activate cells, invigorate the brain, nourish intelligence, and have anti-aging effects.

(11) Beauty and skin care, weight loss and slimming, and a beautiful and good figure in sleep.

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