What Are the Fabrics of the Four-piece Bedding Set?

When it comes to bedding, all kinds of bedding patterns will appear in my mind, but in addition to this pattern, it is more important that you choose the fabric of the four-piece bedding set. The fabric is a necessary material that determines the quality of the bedding. The four-piece bedding sets made by the bedding factory with different fabrics vary greatly in price and quality. So fabric is an important reason when choosing. So, what are the fabrics of the four-piece bedding set?

1. Satin jacquard fabric bedding

The difference between silk jacquard and ordinary printed and dyed cloth: usually it is a variety of bright patterns printed on the color matching of the printed and dyed fabric. The color matching itself has no pattern and color, so the color pattern will turn white or gray with the printing and dyeing. It's arranging flowers in a textile factory. Therefore, the pattern cannot be washed with water, and the requirements for raw materials are relatively high, and the relative density should be tighter (such a quality will not have the original appearance when the material is removed during the weaving process. This is for the clarity of the pattern selected when purchasing There are certain factors) In addition, the biggest advantage of jacquard fabrics is that the single color is natural, simple, and easy to match with furniture, which can be comparable to ordinary printed fabrics.

2. Brushed fabric bedding

The silk quilted fabric hotel bedding is a kind of high-grade combed cotton, which is dyed first and then goes through a precise polishing process with a unique style. Soft to the touch, comfortable, rich in texture, strong overrun, easy to care for, suede attracts consumers with a rich new look, especially when it is used, it is close to the body, warm and soft, comfortable feeling, and the color is enduring. Because of the unique craftsmanship, the stone grinding needle will not fade or fluff, which is much better than ordinary cotton fabrics. The thick softness will make you love it. The printing and dyeing method adopts reactive printing and dyeing, with bright colors, no fading and no lint!

3. Long-staple cotton bedding

Long-staple cotton originated in South America and spread to the southeastern coastal islands of North America, so it is also called sea island cotton. Long-staple cotton is the raw material for the development of delicate, thin and thin high-grade fibers. Its inherent quality is good (the main fiber length is more than 33mm, the fiber strength is more than 27g/tex, and the micronaire value is more than 3.5-4.2), and its market price is usually cotton. 1.6 times or more, mainly used for spinning high-count yarns. Compared with finer cotton, long-staple cotton bedding has the characteristics of low yield, high value, and increasing demand year by year.

4. Jacquard reactive printing bedding

The jacquard pattern formed by the change of warp and weft structure when silk is woven by jacquard fabric has high requirements on the raw material surface. The four-piece bedding set made by this process has a strong three-dimensional effect, looks more vivid, fresh, and has a higher grade. Add some comfort and comfort to your home life.

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