What Are the Ways to Extend the Service Life of Hotel Towels?

The service life of hotel sheets and towels is directly related to the washing process. If you pay attention to details in the washing process, you can effectively extend the service life of hotel towels. Therefore, we are going to look at ways to extend the service life of hotel towels.

1. Reasonable wash time for hotel bedding towels

Most of the time washing hotel sheets and towels in a washing machine is constantly rubbed up and down, resulting in rubbing motions-an important factor in washing towels. Dirty towels cannot be washed by simply soaking them in lotion. This way can not only clean towels, but also reduce the fastness of towels by wearing fibers. Therefore, a reasonable washing time for hotel sheets and organic cotton towels wholesale is very necessary since it can reduce unnecessary wear and tear to ensure a normal service life for towels.

2. Master the dehydration speed of hotel bedding towels

It is necessary to avoid several high spins and excessive speed of high spin during dehydration (some automatic washing machines have high spins with excessive speed or high speed of dehydration). Excessive centrifugal force will loosen the cotton fibers of hotel bedding towels, similar to wringing towels by hand with hard force. The loose weave structure will cause loose damage to the middle part of the towel or the whole while normal damage usually starts from the edges.

3. Avoid over-drying hotel bedding towels

When drying, the high temperature, long time and sometimes the broken cold air of the dryer will cause excessive drying of towels. Since the wet strength of cotton fibers is higher than the dry strength, over-drying will cause a decrease in the fastness of hotel sheets and towels. The spinning workshop of textile factories has high requirements for air temperature control, because the yarn will break if the air is slightly dry so that at this time the normal production will be affected since spinning workers are busy with brown ends. Overheated towels will cause brittle fibers and a significant decrease in fastness.

If the above points can be achieved during the process of towel washing and drying, the service life of hotel towels can be greatly extended so as to effectively control hotel costs. It is hoped that the suggestions given by Amain bath linen suppliers can be helpful to you.

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