What Material Are the Pillows Made of in a Five-star Hotel?

1. The hotel usually comes standard with 4 pillows

When I usually sleep at home, I usually have one pillow per person. People who are careful when staying in a hotel will find that the hotel usually comes with 4 pillows as standard. Many people don't know why they are placed in this way, so they throw the extra pillows aside. In fact, this is not prepared casually. So why is it arranged this way? We lie on the pillow when we sleep, and put our head on the pillow cushion. If the chin is facing the sky, the pillow is too low, and the chin is facing down, which means the pillow is too high. The correct sleeping position should be to keep the chin and head in a horizontal line. Too high or too low will cause The cervical spine is compressed and deformed, so when many people sleep on their backs, they adjust the height of the pillow to an appropriate height, and then place a pillow under the knees to reduce the pressure on the waist. Therefore, this is also to meet the needs of different guests and help them adjust their sleeping positions.

From this, we can know that placing a small pillow at the bend of the leg can reduce the pressure on the waist when lying on the back. When sleeping on the side, the head needs to be raised a little higher, and a small pillow can also be placed on the knee to relieve the pressure on the cervical spine. However, it must be noted that this pillow must not be too large, it must be a small pillow, and do not sleep on your stomach, otherwise the cervical spine will be under too much pressure. Generally, five-star hotel pillows are very comfortable to sleep, but it is difficult to buy outside, the pillows of each brand hotel are different, and many are specially customized after long-term testing and customer feedback adjustment. For bulk hotel pillows wholesale direct with China factory.

2. The pillow material chosen by the five-star hotel is different

There are down pillows with goose down and duck down, fiber pillows for down allergy, of course, buckwheat pillows for health care, and chrysanthemum pillows with fragrance. In short, choose according to the type of pillow you need. In order to improve the quality of guests' sleep, pillows have become a very important part, and even become a service highlight of some hotels, specially set up pillow menus, and many VIPs have private pillows in the hotel.

The pillow core is sewn from cotton high-grade rainproof cloth, which is washed and moth-proof, and filled with various kinds of microfiber, down, cassia seeds, buckwheat, etc. The pillow is full in shape, conforms to the human body structure, comfortable and soft, high-end quality, unconventional design and shape, it is your choice, let you sleep peacefully!

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