What Will Affect the Softness of Hotel Linen?

We all know that the key to hotel linen is comfort, and softness is the most important indicator. What will affect the softness of hotel linen?

Ⅰ. Factors affecting the softness of hotel linen

According to amain hotel bed linen suppliers, The main factor that affects the softness of hotel linen is the yarn count. The higher the count, the finer and the better uniformity of the yarn. On the contrary, the lower the count, the thicker the yarn is. At present, five-star hotels mostly use 60*60, 60*80, or 80*80 yarn. Some hotels also choose 40*40 yarn count linen. However, the 40*40 yarn count linen has lower quality requirements for the cotton itself because of the lower count, so it is most likely to be shoddy. So if you choose this kind of yarn weaving linen, you should pay more attention.

The white hotel linen refers to the thickness of the yarn. The yarn fineness is one piece when the length is 840 yards (0.9144 m/yard). One pound of yarn has a length of 10×840 yards and a fineness of 10 yarns. By analogy, count refers to the length of one gram of yarn. The higher the yarn count, the finer the yarns of the fabric itself, and the smoother and finer the hand feel. Low-end products usually choose relatively thick yarns of low value, such as 21, 30, and 32. Mid-range products usually choose 21, 32, 40, 60 cotton yarns and relatively good evenness. High-end products are designed based on mid-range products, and the selection of fabrics is getting higher, such as 40 counts, 60 counts, 80 counts, 100 counts, and 120 counts.

Ⅱ. Production requirements of the hotel linen

The main requirements for hotel linen are high softness and good water absorption. In addition, the material, craftsmanship, and weight of the towel determine the price of hotel towels. Double-strand threads generally weave hotel towels, generally 21s/2, 32s/2. Towels woven with strands look high-end, and the main reason is that they have a longer life and are comfortable, and the price is naturally high. Hotels are apt to choose cotton towels. The raw materials for the towel weaving are all Xinjiang long-staple cotton. The woven towels have long loops and can withstand high-frequency washing. Regular size: 75*35, 75*40, weight range is between 150~180g. Hotel towels are slightly thicker, and their prices are higher.

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