Why is the Pillow of Five-star Hotel So Comfortable?

The comfort level of the special pillows for five-star hotels is beyond love. Many people are impressed by their pillows. Do many people wonder why pillows in five-star hotels are comfortable? Of course, it is expensive, but is it just expensive? You should know that most of the pillow fillings used in five-star hotels are duck down and goose down!

Ⅰ. Luxury duck down is an important factor in testing a high-end pillow

Most star-rated hotel pillows wholesale are filled with down, and the pillows are soft and comfortable, and they will feel comfortable enough to fly to the clouds! Pillows made of European white duck and goose down are the gold standards of luxury. They are very soft and can be fluffy to any shape you want.

It's probably warmer than a hug, it's very suitable for singles to buy one to enjoy at home, and how to beat it is as soft and flexible as always. Of course, please go to a five-star hotel to experience how comfortable it is. In addition, cotton is also a commonly used filler, but cotton will collapse after being used for a long time, and it is not as durable as duck down.

Of course, the stuffing of hotel pillows is more than that single, such as lavender, buckwheat, Chinese herbal medicine, cassia seed, and everything.

Ⅱ. The surface of the pillow should be smooth

Generally, hotel pillowcases are made of cotton. Some hotel pillowcases are very rough on the face, and some are as smooth as silk. It is not too much to say that it looks like a newborn baby's skin. This is related to the density of the fabric on the surface of the comfortable pillow! The count is the count of the yarn. The more the count, the denser the yarn, and the softer and more comfortable fabric! Generally, the number of beddings in chain hotels will use 80~500, and the number of bedding in luxury hotels reaches 600~800, which naturally feels silky and comfortable!

Ⅲ. The height of the pillow is roughly equivalent to your raised fist

Does the height of the pillow affect sleep? Of course, when the pillow is too high or too low, the neck nerves will be compressed. If you sleep on a too high pillow, the cervical spine will bend downward and be stressed. It will be like keeping your head down and playing with the phone when you sleep, which is naturally uncomfortable!

Ⅳ. The softness of the pillow should be moderate

A pillow that is too soft or too hard will affect sleep. If the pillow is too soft, only the head is stuck inside when turning over, the cervical spine is twisted, and the neck and back muscles are being pulled all the time. If you maintain this posture, it is easy to stumble. When the pillow is too hard to turn over, the muscles will have to work hard so that the whole body will be sore and weak again. Therefore, the hardness of the pillows in star-rated hotels is only presented to you after hundreds of experiments. Of course, it is comfortable to sleep.

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